Gresham Garage Door Repair and Replacement

Gresham Garage Door Repair is one of the most prominent Garage Door Company in Gresham, OR that is well known provider of high quality of garage door repair services absolutely very affordable prices. Our professional technicians are highly-qualified and ready to handle all kinds of garage door repair. We offer Competitive garage door repair services such as: cable off repair, wheel off repair, door off track repair, bent tracks, balancing the door, replace hardware (hinges, springs, tracks, wheels) and general residential and commercial maintenance. Expect a company that will treat your home or business as if it were our own.

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At Gresham Garage Door Repair, we offer a full range of garage door repair service in Gresham, WA and surrounding area. Gresham Garage Door Repair staff uses the most advanced technology and applies the most professional expertise at absolutely the most affordable prices in the industry. All of our service suits all customers' needs at prices they can afford. At Gresham Garage Door Repair we have the best team in town to provide you with the highest quality of garage door replacement services. Our professional technicians are highly-qualified to handle all kinds of garage door replacement and we are 100% sure that we can help you with your garage door repair and replacement.

Repair and Replacement Services

  • Inspection of your existing door(s) for hardened grease or excessive dirt on the tracks
  • Balancing garage doors to fix any noisy squeaks or alleviate resistance to lifting
  • Removal of existing door(s) and door openers
  • Adjustments and maintenance of your commercial garage doors, including replacing broken springs, mounting brackets, hinges, rollers, and safety cables
  • Replacement of the opener
  • 24-hour repair team dispatched to your property

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At Gresham Garage Door Repair, we guarantee you the best garage door repair service that only Gresham Garage Door Repair can provide. We offer the greatest garage door repair deals that you can have in Gresham, OR and surrounding area, we assure confidentiality, professionalism, speedy and affordable products and services. Call us now at 503-468-4867 and see for yourself At Gresham Garage Door Repair, we won't let you down.


  • Repair & Installation
  • Opener Installation
  • Spring Repair

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